Ages: 22 months +

Toddlers is the youngest class in school, and for many, it will be their first experience of school life! Our number one rule for them is to have hands-on fun. Children in Toddlers not only focus on manners and life skills, but further on gross motor skills and sensory experiences. Their lessons comprise of Arts & Crafts making, Singing & Dancing, Story-Telling, Gardening & Cooking, Motor Skills Training and more; Through a play-based method, they are further introduced to the basics of alphabets, colors, shapes, and numbers.



Ages: 2-3

Children in Headstart must be 2 years of age by September 1st of the school year. Moving up from the Nursery class, Headstart children are able to recognize the alphabet A-Z and count from 1-10, identify basic colors and shapes, perform fine motor skills such as to paste, paint, color and thread. In this class, teachers encourage children to become more independent and aid them to develop a sense of respect and care for those around them. Additionally, Headstart is expected to hit additional milestones such as to speak in two- and three-word phrases/sentences, follow two-step instructions through hands-on indoor-outdoor activities, children experience Arts & Crafts, STEM activities, Library, Gardening & Cooking, PE and more.


Ages: 3-4

It is without a doubt that children at this age have an unlimited amount of energy and curiosity. Starting from the Nursery class, we satisfy their natural curiosity with STEAM-enriched activities and more in-depth knowledge of different topics each month. Through multi-disciplinary learning, nursery experiences an exponential growth in different areas— Social Emotional, Cognitive, Language/Communication and Movement/Physical. Children in Nursery begin the early stages of pre-writing and reading, and additionally, develop a sense of order as well as thier fine motor sklls. Beyond the ability to express ideas and feelings, Nursery sunshines begins to have a little fun with language by recognizing language absurdities, such as, “Is that an elephant on your head?”



Ages: 4-5

Using fun and engaging activities as a foundation for learning, Preschoolers are encouraged to continue developing school readiness skills through STEAM and more in-depth knowledge of different topics each month, such as “My Body”, “The World Around Me”, “Four Seasons”. During the year, Preschoolers build upon the multi-disciplinary skills with more challenges than previous years at Smart Start.

Preschool students are expected to write Aa-Zz, follow three- or four-step commands, speak in more complex sentences with simple vocabulary, sound out most letters, as well as express their own thoughts. Additionally, Team-Building is also a main focus throughout the year in preparation for children to enhance social relations, take on roles and responsibilities when given collaborative tasks.


Ages: 5-6

It’s a big year for Kindergarteners! This is a full year of obstacle; But it is sure enriched with play every step of the way. Preparing the children for Elementary School is the top priority in the Kindergarten class at Smart Start – children are able to work both independently and collaboratively in teams. With a mature attitude, one’s Social/Emotional, Cognitive, Language/Communication and Movement/Physical developments are all expected to be challenged.

Beyond learning to use plurals and pronouns, Kindergarteners are taught to read up to five-letter words using basic phonics, talk about opposites and compare things (“That black cat is smaller than the white one.”), as well as things that are going to happen and things that have already happened (using tense and time correctly). Additionally, students are expected comprehend simple additions and subtractions, explore science through reasoning & decision-making, and master their motor skills via thrilling but challenging collaboorative sport games!