Classes 班級介紹


Ages: 22 months +

Toddlers is the youngest class in school, and for many children, it will be their first experience of school life. So our number one rule for them is to have fun! Children in Toddlers not only focus on manners and life skills, but also on gross motor skills. Their lessons comprise of many art and craft activities, with songs and stories; and through a play-based method they are introduced the basics of alphabets, colors, shapes, and numbers.



Ages: 2~3

Children in Headstart must be 2 years of age by September 1st of the school year. Moving up from the Toddlers class, Headstart children are able to recognize the alphabet A-Z and count from 1-10. Basic colors and shapes, Fine motor skills such as to paste, paint, color and thread are also a focus. Teachers encourage children to become more independent and to develop a sense of respect for others.


Ages: 3-4

It is without a doubt that children at this age have an unlimited amount of energy and curiosity, so starting from the Nursery class, we satisfy the children’s natural curiosity with science, computer classes and more in-depth knowledge of different topics each month. Children begin the early stages of pre-writing and reading and learn to develop their Motor Skills as well as a sense of order.



Ages: 4-5

Using fun, engaging activities as a foundation for learning, the children build upon the social skills gained in the Nursery class and are encouraged to develop their fine motor, listening and school readiness skills.

Preschool students should be able to write Aa~Zz and recognize simple words, as well as encouraged to speak and express their own thoughts.


Ages: 5-6

Preparing the children for Elementary School is the top priority in the Kindergarten class – children are able to work independently and develop a mature attitude in school. Kindergarten children are taught to read up to five-letter English words using basic phonics, to comprehend simple additions and subtractions and to master their motor skills.