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Smart Start Preschool is a play-based early childhood center since 1995, well-known for its multi-diverse student body.

Our campus is located in Tianmu- a neighborhood best known as an enclave for expatriates. Promoting a strong sense of community and celebrating student diversity, our children are united from various cultural backgrounds to welcome the diversity of ideas, experiences, cultures, and ways of learning.



“Tactile play develops fine and gross motor skills, physical play stimulates growth, and make-believe play accelerates social-emotional learning…”

At Smart Start, we believe all kinds of play foster a love of learning that young children will carry with them as they move upwards through school. With a low student/teacher ratio, our school provides a secure and stimulating environment that fosters a child’s individual and unique development through exploration and discovery.

Children at Smart Start develop concepts in the cultural arts, language arts, mathematics, sciences, and social studies by actively exploring, discovering, and creating through “play” with the guidance of experienced and trained teachers. It is for that reason that every aspect of our day is planned to encourage each child to “experience”, and to help each one develop the social, emotional, physical, creative, and intellectual aspects of their personalities.

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Establishing a healthy lifestyle at an early age to improve their overall positivity and health is one of Smart Start’s ethos. Our Smart Kitchen serves nutrient-dense lunches and snacks that are filled with good fuel for the body. The lunch menu focuses on serving quality whole foods of all five food groups; it is also consulted with professional nutritionists periodically.

All ingredients served are 100% locally sourced; Additionally, we use organic vegetablesnon-GMO soy ingredients, and quality vegetable oil.

Children also get the ‘farm-to-table’ experience by learning to harvest and prepare fruits and veggies from the campus’ backyard garden; The gardening program is available to kids of all age groups.



Our age-appropriate curriculum allows children to explore ideas and develop skills through art, music, dramatic play, creative movement, and cooking. Field trips, interactive science experiences, and readiness activities in reading and math further enhance the program.

Our program serves boys and girls ages 2 through 6. Classes are held from mid-September through early June, Monday through Friday, with the choice of Full-day or Half-day. The morning session runs from 8:30 to 12:00, and the afternoon runs from 1:30 to 3:30.

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Our campus is a bustling, colorful 2-floor space, directly connected to the school’s playground for easy access to the fresh air, PE, and outdoor learning. Beyond open-air indoor-outdoor classrooms, we have a backyard garden where many nature-based activities are held and a swimming pool for seasonal water fun.

Smart Start campus undergoes regular check-ups by the Government Board of Education; We have been awarded a Grade A in our latest approval.

To schedule a school tour, please email us at kindersmartstart@gmail.com or Contact Form

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